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New National Association for the Swiss Commodity Industry

Geneva / Lugano / Zug, 1 October 2014 – Commodity trading houses active in Switzerland have established a new organization to represent their interests on a national level: the Swiss Trading and Shipping Association (STSA). STSA will consolidate three existing regional associations, the Geneva Trading and Shipping Association (GTSA), the Lugano Commodity Trading Association (LCTA) and the Zug Commodity Association (ZCA), each of which will be represented on STSA’s Executive Board.

“The commodity industry plays an important role in the Swiss economy, and by aligning our industry’s three centers – the Lake Geneva Region, Lugano and Zug – on a national level, we will be able to more clearly communicate with and effectively engage Swiss authorities, NGOs and the media,” said Stéphane Graber, who will serve as Secretary General the new STSA.

The new association will work to promote the positive contributions of the commodities industry in Switzerland, as well as generate understanding about how the merchants are upholding their roles as responsible corporate citizens.

“The commodity trading industry is committed to transparency and ensuring there is an open dialogue involving all interested parties in Switzerland, from elected officials and regulators to NGOs and the media,” said STSA’s Secretary General. “The Swiss-based traders and shippers play an essential and historic role in the Swiss economy. Our national association is an effective way for these companies to participate in an open dialogue with the Swiss community”.

The Swiss Trading and Shipping Association will be headquartered in Geneva. STSA, through its three regional organizations GTSA, LCTA and ZCA, represents almost 150 diverse commodity companies involved at different stages of the commodity value chain, including 20 members with financing and legal background. The President of the STSA is David Fransen. According to official statistics, the Swiss commodity industry counts around 500 companies which contribute CHF 20bn (3.5%) to the country’s Gross National Product GDP. The number of jobs in the Swiss commodity industry is estimated to lie between 10’000 and 12’000.